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Don't let injuries hold you back from achieving your goals

Get back to 100% and beyond with confidence

Assessment - $100

Follow Up - $75

Are the same simple exercises not cutting it?

We get it, and that is why Kyle takes a different approach to treatment.

Getting you up on your feet as soon as you are able to challenge the true function and stability of a given area in a progressive manner.

Gone are the days of laying on the floor to do a couple easy banded exercises hoping for a miracle to happen.

Now we are in a time where the effort you put in will result in strong and stable positions, in turn building confidence and preventing future injury.


In Person

Hands on assessment and treatment to help decrease pain and increase mobility.

Gym use for exercises to increase strength, stability, and performance.

An incredible facility for field of play testing to ensure a confident return to action.



Thorough assessment performed via video call.

Effective tactics provided to tackle your problems at home.

Guidance and follow ups to ensure proper progressions and a confident return to activity.



Providing you with everything you need to build resilience and confidence so you can return to your favourite activities at or above your pre-injury level!

All rehabilitation programs come with access to the resilient strength app to make sure you can execute the program with confidence, not by memory.

You will learn about your specific case and understand all of the aspects that go into a strong recovery.

We will integrate your rehab program into your regular training to ensure a decreased risk of reinjury.

All aspects will be personalized to you and your specific situation.

What is Athletic Therapy?

Athletic Therapy is the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries, which include any injury to bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, or joints. It is also used to manage and treat concussions. With an in depth approach, the root cause of your problem is identified and addressed. You will go through a thorough history/interview, hands on testing and treatment, as well as learn about your condition. Treatment consists of manual therapy, modalities, taping techniques, and exercise in a personalized setting.

To learn more about Athletic Therapy, check out the article at the link below:

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