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Be An Athlete

10 Steps to Building a Lifestyle That Cultivates Athleticism

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Over the next 20 days you are going to embark on an incredible journey working towards your sport, heath, and fitness goals. Every other day you will receive an email article from me with a different concept related to building a lifestyle that cultivates athleticism and provides the support necessary to pursue and succeed with your dreams and goals on the field, in the gym, and in general!


Each lesson will contain an actionable step you can implement the very next day to kickstart your active lifestyle. The actionable steps are meant to be performed from here on out, building on top of one another, and compounding into a great base of athlete driven habits.

The Steps are as follows:

1. Start your day like and athlete.

2. Plan like an athlete.

3. Hydrate like an athlete.

4. Think like an athlete.

5. Train like an athlete.

6. Recover like an athlete.

7. Eat like an athlete.

8. Sleep like an athlete.

9. Supplement like an athlete.

10. Act like an athlete.


I hope this series provides you with the motivation necessary to crush your new years resolutions and helps you build the athletic base of support necessary to perform and compete at your highest level, whatever that may be for you!


Be sure to share you experiences on social media and tag the Resilient Strength pages which are linked down below.


This series is based on my own research, experience, and opinions as a Certified Athletic Therapist and Strength and Conditioning Specialist. To learn more about what these titles mean click this link. (What is Athletic Therapy) The content should not be taken as or in replace of medical advice. With that said, these are fantastic lessons and steps you can take to start crushing your goals in 2021, so submit your email above and let’s dive into step 1!

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